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The Minemet Group is an international metal recycling group encompassing three companies; Allied Metal (Perth, Western Australia), Annex Metals (Christchurch, New Zealand) and Minemet Australasia (Melbourne, Victoria). It is a vertically integrated metal recycling operator with capabilities across the scrap metal collection, processing, marketing and shipping components of the metal recycling value chain.

The Minemet Group has diversified since it commenced operations 18 years ago in terms of geographical representation, recycling capabilities, supply source and customer base. The Group now employs 60 employees across 3 countries, with modern processing and export facilities in Perth and Christchurch and a trading office in Mumbai. The Group has capabilities to recycle both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, sourced from a broad range of suppliers, which reduces its dependency on any one individual stream of revenue. Almost all of the Group's recycled metal is then sold into export markets where Minemet can sell to the highest bid for its products.

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